I was very nervous about starting the programme with Ren, I wasn’t sure if it would be too much pressure for me or if I would be able to follow through with set goals. However, these worries were quickly quashed. When you explain where you are at in your journey and the areas in which you need assistance and focus, Ren had the ability to just get it whilst providing comfort and reassurance throughout, with literally no pressure. 

Jade Holman-Travis | Founder & Owner, Free The Cocoa

When I joined the program, I wasn’t sure if it would benefit the areas I struggle in most such as my mental health and myself disciplinary skills as I had embarked on various journeys to better myself from spiritual elevation to therapy, yet I still struggled tremendously so I developed a sceptical attitude. However, I was surprised by how much her coaching benefited me in various ways. Ren opened me up to the world of NLP (best form of therapy) and taught me practical yet highly beneficial methods to elevate my life state. 

Makeda Getachew | Founder Menge Trust Charity

This program is a game changer! Ren takes you on an internal journey of healing and teaches you to do the inner work so the outer result will attract. We went on a deep journey that led to me raising my company prices and knowing my true worth as a woman. The personal and business beliefs about ourselves are married! 

Kendall Alexandria | CEO Actors Jumpstart | Atlanta

I’m a huge procrastinator so doing this coaching program in itself was very overwhelming, but I had heard amazing things about Ren’s work, so I put my big girl pants on and worked at a goal that I have been trying to achieve for years. My first session with the Ren was more than I had anticipated she was so comforting and professional, she was everything I needed. Her sessions not only helped me to create a visible plan so I could achieve my goal but also helped me to unlock childhood traumas and heal. She helped me to understand where my procrastination stems from and guided me to overcoming it.

Fatima Mohammed | Executive Work Coach, Universal Credit England

Coach Ren was able to support me to unleash my true potential and give me direction with the clear steps I needed to put in place to achieve my goals. Ren is a great listener and always ask the right questions to understand and help me discover the reasons behind my decisions and patterns. I really enjoyed our sessions, she made me feel safe whilst being vulnerable, therefore I fully trusted in her guidance. After the sessions I now feel more confident and happier in all areas of my life. I’m more organised, I delegate more and have become more efficient with my time. I have better relationships with the people in my life, I feel so much better and I am a healthier person.


Sinita Ukbay | Luxury Retail Manager

I started my sessions with Renpowerment shortly after the beginning of 2022, and I wasn’t feeling that “new year new you” attitude that everyone was at the time and I was feeling pretty low about it. But I knew I needed a little help getting my mind right and straight after the first session I felt lighter and more at peace with myself. Renpowerment guided me to look at my life with a different perspective and helped me to identify the common denominators that are so easy to look past in day to day busy life. 

Enny Bello | Author and Stay at Home Mum

Ren has given me the tools, understanding and most incredible advice on how to deal with future circumstances that may affect my journey to a better me. It really is a process that requires a lot of patience and practice. I am now at a place in my life where everything is falling together, and I would not be here without Renempowerment. Ren is a Queen, she helped me realise I am a Queen and women should empower each other. I would recommend this program to everyone. 


Ren has such a calming nature and energy, which makes coaching with her such a highlight of my day & week! I know I’m in such amazing hands having her to guide me through life’s struggles. She’s someone I can truly trust and rely on to be both professional and super friendly & down to earth – everything I could ask for in a coach!


Liv Basson | CEO Rising and moon UK